The Executive committee oversees the following activities as outlined in the organization’s by-laws:

    1. MABA serves as a scientific and professional reference group for those who identify themselves as scientists, students, or practitioners in the field of behaviour analysis and for the interested public,
    2. MABA promotes research and scholarship focused on the development of a coherent and progressive behaviour analytic science,
    3. MABA establishes and maintains relations between behaviour–analytic organizations,
    4. MABA promotes the development of a view of science that values a dynamic, ongoing interaction between its conceptual and applied elements, and between practical application and empirical knowledge,
    5. MABA promotes the development in Manitoba of a community of scholars, researchers, educators, and practitioners who will work in a collegial, open, self-critical, non-discriminatory, and mutually supportive way to produce valued outcomes and to explore the additional implications of this work,
    6. MABA encourages high quality education and professional certification and licensing within the field of behaviour analysis,
    7. MABA Advises political, legislative, and policy-making bodies with respect to matters pertaining to behaviour analysis,
    8. Organize an annual conference, edit newsletter, and maintain a website, and other such activities accomplishing the purposes of the Organization.


Executive Committee Members

Karli Pedreira M.A (President)

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Morena Miljkovic, M.A., PhD. Candidate (Past President)

Ryan Heckert, B.Sc. (Hons) (President Elect & Membership Chair)

Genevieve Roy-Wsiaki, PhD., BCBA-D (Executive Consultant)

Lisa Hunter, M.A., PhD. Candidate (Treasurer)

Sophie Robitaille, B.A (Hons) (Secretary)

Maria Pongoski, B.A. & Julia Turner, B.A. (Conference Co-Chairs)

Katharine Kalinowski, B.A. & Lauren Kaminski, B.A. (Hons) (Public Relations Co-Chairs)

Carly Cressman, B.A. (Hons) (Newsletter Chair)

Kara St.Pierre, B.A. (Adv) (Member at Large)