Executive Committee

President: Karli Pedreira

The Executive Committee oversees the organization's activities as outlined in the by-laws.


Public Relations Committee

Contact: Katharine Kalinowski & Lauren Kaminski

The Public Relations committee oversees the development of the organization's website and social media, increases awareness of Behaviour Analysis, organizes public presentations and publications, raises funds to support MABA community events, and communicates with local organizations and government regarding issues related to Behaviour Analysis.


Newsletter Committee

Contact: Carly Cressman

The Newsletter Committee is responsible for organizing and creating two MABA newsletters a year in the months of May and October. The newsletter will provide information on upcoming events in and around the province, current research conducted by graduate students and other researchers in the area of behavior analysis, and a variety of topics of interest related to behavior analysis. Anyone interested in participating on the newsletter committee or contributing to a MABA newsletter is encouraged to contact the Newsletter Chair. 


Membership Committee

Contact: Ryan Heckert

The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting and maintaining MABA members.  The committee researches benefits that can be offered to the membership each year such as discounts on conference registration and selected publications. Anyone interested in participating on this committee is encouraged to contact the committee chair.


Conference Committee

Contact: Maria Pongoski & Julia Turner

The Conference Committee is responsible for organizing an annual conference. The goal and purpose of the conference is to disseminate information about behaviour analysis within the province. Anyone interested in participating on the conference committee or helping out the day of the conference is encouraged to contact the conference committee chairs.